About us

In 2021 we have began with this unique product. It wasn’t always an easy road. This because the sweet potato is a hard to process product, but because of our trust, passion and perseverance, that’s behind this product, we could set up something pretty. We attempt from a sustainable view, which is the fundamentals of our drive.

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The goal of Crunchi is that we together, take everything out of the sweet potato. We believe that the fundamental of our product has to be tasty, but we also want to produce it from a sustainable angel. That’s why we contribute on Crunchi’s ambition “with taste, on the road to zero waste!”. While we produce, we try to re-use as much as possible and throw away nothing. That’s why we are developing new products. In this way we want to contribute on a sustainable food chain. In the future we will introduce new and sustainable products. So, stay tuned!





Within Crunchi innovation, sustainability and local have a high priority. That’s why we are working together with the local brewery “Opener te Dongen” and with “Jansen-Dongen”, to brew a new Batch of our “My Precious Sweet Potato Ale”! We believe that it could always be more sustainable and we also strive to that. This sweet potato beer innovation came from of the question how we could treat our products with even more sustainability and bring back the food waste. With that we want to keep surprising with delicious, qualitative and new innovations. My Precious Sweet Potato Ale is a perfect combination of all.

It is an outstanding and special blond beer with its own character of fresh-bitter with a nice turbidity. This beer is an everyone’s friend with an earthy and sweet character of the sweet potato and a fresh tone of hop.